The NEO brand is committed to various associations, companies and events.

Since 2013, we have been committed to local and responsible manufacturing in our workshop on the shores of Lake Annecy. Common sense also leads us to associate ourselves with various actions that correspond to the company’s values.

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Savoie Mont Blanc Excellence

Savoie Mont Blanc Excellence accreditation
Savoie Mont Blanc Excellence was launched in early 2020 to bring together and promote, under a single banner, companies, craftsmen (legal entities) located in the Savoie Mont Blanc region (Savoie and Haute-Savoie departments) sharing the same values.

This approach is a new dynamic, an open, collaborative, multi-sector development model that creates synergies between tourism and the region’s economic flagships. This collective project aims to raise the profile of Savoie Mont Blanc and its talents!

The Auvergne-RhĂŽne-Alpes Region

The Auvergne-RhĂŽne-Alpes Region is supporting us as part of the “Support for internal training of Relocation Pack employees – NEO” operation.


The encounter between NEO and Koroyd has been behind an engineering partnership to develop safer paragliding equipment since 2014.

The first tests took two and a half years to find the right combination of Koroyd and foam to meet standards and validate the technology for paragliding. During these tests, we realized that Koroyd technology alone was unsatisfactory and needed to be combined with a special enclosure. So we joined forces with the team from Koroyd to develop a specially shaped foam to meet this need. NEO-KOROYD Technology, tested and registered, was born of this collaboration.


The technical collaboration between Catalan textile manufacturer IBQ and NEO has led to the development of a Ripstop Dyneema fabric, on a high-tenacity polyamide base, Polyurethane-coated. This highly technical fabric combines all the features needed for lightweight paragliding and outdoor products.


NEO has teamed up with AustriAlpin to develop the world’s safest automatic aluminum carabiner.

The NEO AUSTRIALPIN ROCKET automatic aluminum carabiner meets the specific safety requirements of paragliding: the result is the safest automatic carabiner on the market, EN362 certified.


BooomtagÂź is an NFC chip (proximity communication system for smartphones) that contains information about your product.


The patented RECCOÂź technology is a two-part system. Featuring an active detector, carried by the rescuer. And a passive reflector, carried by the user.

The reflector RECCOÂź, integrated into NEO products, makes you searchable to the rescuers. The RECCO reflectors are lightweight passive transponders that require no power or activation to function. RECCO reflectors are designed to last a lifetime and do not age or wear out. If not mechanically damaged they will last forever. They consist of a diode and an antenna.

Bornes To Fly

The Bornes To Fly is a race combining paragliding and walking, in the tradition of the famous RedBull X-Alps. The pilots fly on a three-day course punctuated by two bivouacs in the middle of nature. The course, from 100 to 250 kilometers, will be chosen by the Race Director to adapt to the weather conditions.

Dénériaz ski

A collaboration guided by common sense and the excellence of French know-how!

The production of ski covers for DĂ©nĂ©riaz Ski in the NEO workshop is the result of a meeting between the founders of the two brands, Antoine DĂ©nĂ©riaz and Éric Roussel. This collaboration was immediately obvious. In addition to sharing common values and a commitment to “made in France” design and manufacturing, the two workshops are neighbors and are involved locally in maintaining French know-how. This local commitment has been rewarded by Savoie Mont Blanc Excellence accreditation for both companies.

Parapluie de Cherbourg

The paragliding fabric umbrella from the innovative collaboration between Le Parapluie de Cherbourg and NEO.

The ingenious idea of creating an umbrella from paraglider fabric is not only whimsical, it also makes for an unusual umbrella. The Dyneema fabric used by NEO in its paragliders and backpacks makes the umbrella stronger and therefore more durable, while remaining lightweight. Dyneema is a super-strong, ultra-light fiber: it is 15 times stronger than steel and 30 to 40% lighter than Kevlar for the same strength. What’s more, Dyneema is resistant to UV rays, moisture, chemical attack and abrasion – perfect for an umbrella.

Nos P'tites Étoiles

Nos P’tites Etoiles is a non-profit association that creates “Instants de Vie” for sick (all pathologies) and/or disabled children and their families. Solidarity must be at the heart of our lives and they are working with 5 permanent staff, 10 referral members, including a doctor, 350 members and many volunteers, because they are convinced that we are: Stronger Together!

Action Philippe Streit

Action Philippe Streit‘s mission is to offer an ecosystem that reconciles disability, work, rurality, health and rehabilitation to the companies that are hosted on their premises, and to their employees. These companies specialize in employing people with disabilities.

Their goal: to create 230 jobs by 2026!

La Fabrique & Co'

La Fabrique & Co’, based in Carmaux in the Tarn region of France, works as a team with persistence and kindness to create beautiful, authentic and singular textile pieces. Their passion and know-how are at the service of 100% French manufacturing. What’s so special about this Tarn-based company? The quality of their products, achieved through technical sewing.