A committed project,
started 10 years ago.

The NEO brand is a workshop that designs and manufactures top-of-the-range textile products for paragliding and outdoor activities.

Since 2013, we have been committed to local and responsible manufacturing in our workshop on the shores of Lake Annecy. We offer innovative and durable products that guarantee comfort, safety and freedom of movement to all our users.

La Marque Neo Eric Ă  l'Atelier

The brand Neo

We believe in a different mode of production that reinstates the excellence of French couture and revitalises a know-how that is becoming increasingly rare in our territory. Since for us, work and well-being are one and the same, we are dedicated to providing a pleasant and comfortable environment for our team.

La Marque Neo Les couturières à l'Atelier

Three key principles guide every action we take

La Marque Neo Les voiles de speedriding

#1 — Living our

At NEO, we give ourselves the means to do what we love. Passion is our driving force.

First and foremost, NEO is the story of a paragliding and speedriding enthusiast who has never ceased to refine their practice through an approach of permanent innovation.

Then, it’s our passion for excellence in French manufacturing that drives us every day to create the best possible products.

#2 — Staying free
to live
without hindrance.

The NEO brand is represented by ⵣ (yaZ), the symbol for “Free Man” in the Berber language.

It is first, the passion for free flying. It is also the freedom of a fluid and light movement, that we prioritise during the conception of our products.

Finally, it is the freedom to get off the beaten track, which gives us the means to live our passions without hindrance. It is this principle that has guided our choice of local production without conforming to the matrix of global supply chains.

This choice is fully adopted in order to maintain total freedom in our design and manufacturing processes.

La Marque Neo Le logo NEO, symbole berbère
La marque NEO Les sacs Ă  dos

#3 — Use common sense to make it happen

NEO stands for common sense. We design products that are durable, robust and timeless. We are proud to contribute, in our own way, to a more conscious and responsible consumption.

The quality of our know-how guarantees the robustness of our products for long-term use. In the framework of sustainability, we offer all our customers a “guarantee and repair” service, provided by the workshop. It is common sense to ensure that our customers can get their products repaired for life, rather than having to throw them away when a single part is worn out.

It is also to offer to drop them off in person directly to our workshop for immediate repair whenever possible, instead of sending them by post and thus adding to the carbon footprint.