NEo recommits to redbull x-alps

To mark the 20th anniversary of the famous Redbull X-alps walking and flying race, NEO is delighted to have three of its ambassadors among the thirty or so athletes who will be setting off across the Alps:

Maxime Pinot, who finished 4th in the last edition, and who tells us: “Paragliding competitions are my passion and I love the way it gives me a better understanding of my sport and myself. And I work hard every day to be ready for the Red Bull X-Alps”.

maxime en vol
maxime de profil avec un sac neo

Laurie Genovese : “To show the paragliding and sporting community that women too can do it, differently, with their own abilities. I hope there will be more communication about women during the race. I hate to be left disappointed. This adventure is just crazy, so intense and emotional. I just want to relive it, and learn from my first participation.

laurie en vol sous sa voile
laurie genovese avec le sac neo

Et Tim Alongi : “I’ve been watching the Red Bull X-Alps since I was a kid. It’s the most iconic walk & fly race, what a dream to cross the Alps with just a piece of fabric and my legs. My career as an acrobat has taken up a large part of my life, and I’ve had the feeling that I’ve been doing the same things for the last few years. What I love most is the learning process, so I started flying XC and taking part in various walking and flying competitions”.

maxime en vole
la belle tete de tim

Some of the NEO team will also be on hand to support the race: 

Mathias (production and product development manager) and SalomĂ© (production engineer) are part of Maxime Pinot’s team.

And Gino (France sales) and Clément (NEO ambassador) will be assisting Tim Alongi.

Mathias tells us :  Athletes are an integral part of our development team, particularly in the testing of our  products. The amount of practice our athletes do means we can test our products over the long term and monitor wear and tear accurately.  As far as Red Bull X-Alps is concerned, each athlete has equipment tailored to their body  shape and specifications. For Laurie, for example, the backpack is a variation  on our range of backpacks designed for women. This development project is a bit  like developing a rally car for a car manufacturer. We work with our  athletes to develop technical solutions that are then incorporated into products for the general public. This is the  case of our lightweight cocoon harness, the StayUp, which is the result of 4 years’ development of  our ambassadors’ harnesses for competitions such as the Bornes to Fly and the Xpyr, because there’s more to this type of competition than the Redbull X-Alps”. 

mathias porte le sac neo
Mathias, Production and Product Development Director

It’s also worth noting that this year, NEO koroyd protectors will be present in the harnesses of Team NEO and Team ADVANCE.

Follow all of Team NEO on the X-Alps: